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  Name Title Group Contact
Christle Abner Abner, Christle Teacher's Aide 606-847-4111 Ext. 229
Hope Adkins Adkins, Hope Teacher
Connie Belcher Belcher, Connie Admin Assistant 606-847-4111 Ext. 215
Kimberly Bowers Bowers, Kimberly Admissions 606-847-4111 Ext. 233
Alexis Bowling Bowling, Alexis
Jordan Cochran Cochran, Jordan Teacher 606-847-4111 Ext. 213
Tamara Cochran Cochran, Tamara Publications 606-847-4111 Ext. 208
Tim Cochran Cochran, Tim Teacher 606-847-4111 Ext. 213
Diane Dimsey Dimsey, Diane Registrar 606-847-4111 Ext. 292
Katie Dodge Dodge, Katie Teacher
Jennifer Fannin Fannin, Jennifer Teacher 606-847-4111 Ext. 213
Andreia Fonseca Fonseca, Andreia Houseparent
Celso Fonseca Fonseca, Celso Houseparent
David Fralix Fralix, David Houseparent 606-847-4111 Ext. 280
Margaret Fralix Fralix, Margaret Houseparent 606-847-4111 Ext. 247
Alyssa Gibson Gibson, Alyssa Teacher's Aide
Wendell (Jared) Gray Gray, Wendell (Jared) Teacher
Angela Gritton Gritton, Angela School Counselor 606-847-4111 Ext. 203
Larry Gritton Gritton, Larry President 606-847-4111 Ext. 202
Berwin Hall Hall, Berwin Teacher
Jacob Hall Hall, Jacob Teacher 606-847-4111 Ext. 213
Renita Hall Hall, Renita Academic Secretary
Martha Harmon Harmon, Martha Tutor 606-847-4111 Ext. 213
Mitch Hawkins Hawkins, Mitch Teacher
Cheyenne Hensley Hensley, Cheyenne Teacher's Aide 606-847-4111
Martha (Marlee) Johnson Johnson, Martha (Marlee) Teacher
Emily Kemp Kemp, Emily
Troy (Zac) Kemp Kemp, Troy (Zac)
Aaron Kendrick Kendrick, Aaron Teacher 606-847-4111 Ext. 213
Allen Kendrick Kendrick, Allen Business Office 606-847-4111l Ext. 265
Becky Kendrick Kendrick, Becky Teacher 606-847-4111 Ext. 213
Matthew Landon Landon, Matthew
Kurtis Lawson Lawson, Kurtis Teacher 606-847-4111 Ext. 213
Katie Lyons Lyons, Katie Secretary
Tammy Mason Mason, Tammy Assistant Principal 606-847-4111
Emma Metzger Metzger, Emma
Jamie Middleton Middleton, Jamie Athletic Director 606-847-4111 Ext. 219
Jennifer Monday Monday, Jennifer School Counselor 606-847-4111 Ext. 287
John Monday Monday, John Technical and Grounds Support 606-847-4111 Ext. 222
Shana Piar Piar, Shana Teacher's Aide
Jerry Pierce Pierce, Jerry Business Manager 606-847-4111 Ext. 205
Trenton Preston Preston, Trenton Teacher
David Price Price, David Campus Minister 606-847-4111 Ext. 289
Pam Price Price, Pam Teacher 606-847-4111 Ext. 213
Randy Schmittendorf Schmittendorf, Randy Maintenance Director 606-847-4111 Ext. 244
Tricia Schmittendorf Schmittendorf, Tricia Teacher 606-847-4111 Ext. 213
Beverly Scull Scull, Beverly Tutor
Joseph Scull Scull, Joseph Principal 606-847-4111 Ext. 230
Allison Smith Smith, Allison Teacher
Cory Steltenpohl Steltenpohl, Cory Teacher 606-847-4111 Ext. 213
JudiAnne Steltenpohl Steltenpohl, JudiAnne Teacher 606-847-4111 Ext. 213
Frank Stratton Stratton, Frank Assistant to the President 606-847-4111
Whitney Stratton Stratton, Whitney Community Liaison 606-847-4111
Whitney Stratton Stratton, Whitney Director of Student Services 606-847-4111
Sara Sumrell Sumrell, Sara Teacher 606-847-4111 Ext.
Julie Tompkins Tompkins, Julie Human Resources 606-847-4111 Ext. 257
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