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Letter From the Campus Minister

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students:

Since 1899, OBI has endeavored to give an education For Time and Eternity. The Eternity part is where my department comes in. OBI is a Christian institution without apology, and it is our desire for our students to be exposed to the truths of the Christian faith on a daily basis. Students do not have to be Christian to attend OBI, but they will come into contact with Christianity while on this campus.

Students attend chapel every school day here at OBI. It gives each student a break in their daily schedule to worship and connect with God. Students gather to worship and hear a message from me, another staff member or a visiting pastor. Our chapels have proven to be an important part of our school day. One student (James) said this about chapel, “Chapel strengthens my faith and teaches me things that I did not know before.” Another student, (Keona) said, “I really enjoy chapel, because it gives students a time to regroup and the opportunity to learn about Jesus.”

Students are also given the opportunity to worship on Sunday at Campus Church. Campus Church is a ministry of OBI that is intended to meet the spiritual needs of our students, as well as members of our local community. Through the various outreach ministries of Campus Church, our students are given the opportunity to serve in real-time ministry.

We also have opportunities for spiritual growth through small group meetings that students are encouraged to attend. We have groups such as Baptist Campus Ministry, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Friends of Mo (a support group for adopted students) as well as Bible studies designed to meet specific needs.

Another part of our spiritual outreach to students is in the area of Pastoral Counseling. As Campus Minister, I have the opportunity to counsel students as they navigate the difficulties of life. Students are given the opportunity to learn how to apply biblical principles to life’s challenges.

OBI is a place where many of our students are challenged to have a personal relationship with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, and to see that relationship grow. Oneida Baptist Institute is a special place where God is moving in the lives of our staff and students, and for that we are grateful.

God Bless You,

Dr. David Price
Campus Minister