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Welcome to Oneida Baptist Institute!


Sylvia Russell Hall
  • President's Office, Library, Chapel


Jen-Hsun Huang Hall
  • Girls' Dormitory, Academic Office, Principal's Office, School Counselor's Office, High School Classrooms

The dormitory entrance:

The high school entrance:


W.F. "Bud" & Kay Underwood Hall
  • Cafeteria (construction to be completed by August, 2022)


Carnahan-Daugherty Hall
  • Boys' Dormitory and the Colvin Learning Center (Grades K-5 Classrooms)

The dormitory entrance:

The Colvin Learning Center entrance:

D. Chester Sparks Hall
  • Gymnasium and Classrooms

Larry & Linda Gritton Hall
  • Gymnasium and Classrooms

Preston & Ruby Baker Hall
  • Administrative Offices

Athletic Facilities and Farm