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Campus Ministry Program

At OBI, we want our students to develop to their full potential in every area. Students come to Oneida from many denominational backgrounds or from no religious background at all. We accept every student with the belief that each has been created by God and that Jesus offered His life as a sacrifice for the redemption of all.

It is not our intention to coerce or intimidate any student to become a Christian. We simply share the message of Jesus Christ in conversation and in daily living. We believe that a seed planted today will bear fruit in months or years to come. 

Oneida provides an environment that is conducive to spiritual growth in young believers. Our Campus Ministry program provides opportunities for young people to join with other Christian teenagers in Bible study, worship, prayer, and fellowship.

Students in grades 6-12 are required to attend daily in-school chapel services. Our elementary students attend a weekly chapel service during school. Dormitory residents attend the Sunday morning worship service at the chapel on campus.

Our students are also surrounded by Christian teachers, houseparents, and coaches willing to answer a question, pray for a need, or simply set a positive example.

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