Student Work Program


The student work program is an important tradition at Oneida. On average, students work five hours a week at a designated job. These jobs help young people develop a sense of responsibility and self-confidence while providing them with valuable work experience.







Participation in a varsity sport, the pep band or drama qualifies as a student’s job and is often a catalyst for trying new activities and discovering hidden talents. Whether participating in cocurriculars or other types of jobs, young people learn work skills like being on time and participating with a positive attitude.

Students may work on cleaning crews in the dormitories or school buildings. Some boys choose to work on the yard crew, which mows and cleans the campus grounds. Typically, girls work in the dining hall and kitchen to clean up after the meals. Other assignments include working in the campus grill or on the school’s farm.

Many students are recognized for outstanding work by being promoted to supervisory positions or receiving end-of-year work program awards.