VolunteersOneida has a rich history of volunteer participation in our ministry. In any year, several hundred volunteers will work at Oneida. Volunteers may come for one day or several weeks. We count these special people among our greatest blessings.

On any given day, you will see volunteers of different ages and backgrounds working in the Gift Shop, on new construction projects, on the farm, landscaping, painting, doing clerical work, cleaning, sorting through donated items or assisting in the Friendship House ministry.

OBI's Volunteer Coordinator, Roy Taylor (roy.taylor@oneidaschool.org, 606-847-4111) coordinates all volunteer ministries on campus, directing each volunteer to an activity that is needed and appropriate for his/her skills. You must contact us ahead of time if you are interested in volunteering. In recent years, we have sometimes had more volunteers desiring to come some weeks than we could use at that time, so advance planning is very important.

Some important facts to remember if you are a potential volunteer.

Are you a possible long term volunteer? Some of our best teachers and workers are volunteers. These persons live in school housing and receive other employee benefits. Be sure and ask about this possibility if you are looking for a meaningful ministry in retirement.