Room/Board & Fees

U.S. Students

Monthly room and board for boarding students is $750 per month for U.S. students ($675 for Kentucky residents). The room and board charged is less than one-half of our actual cost of maintaining a student for a month. Financial aid is available for families that meet certain guidelines.

There is an additional annual registration fee for each domestic student, which is equal to one month's room and board fee. Parents are expected to send another $45 to $60 per month for personal spending. Checks are to be made out to the student. Students' spending money is kept in our student "bank." Students may only withdraw a pre-approved (by parents/guardians) amount each day.

If your family resides outside of the USA but the student is a US citizen, please contact our Admissions Office ( for more information. We encourage missionary families to contact us.

International Students

W​e require​ ​our international ​students ​to have two academic years at Oneida Baptist Institute in order to graduate. OBI has determined through experience and observation that our students benefit the most with two years. Therefore, international students may only apply for grades six (6) through eleven (11). Applications need to be completed by May 30th. You are encouraged to begin your application in January to allow time to gather the necessary paperwork.

The School Fee for international students is $14,000 for the 2017-2018 school year. Parents/guardians of international students will also pay a Student Activity Expense of $2,500. This is an estimated amount for the student's funds for allowance, travel money, transportation to and from the airport, bus ticket purchases (but not airplane tickets) and miscellaneous expenses that arise throughout the school year. The wiring instructions will be sent after the student has been accepted. All of the international student fees must be paid before the I-20 is sent to the student.

To apply for a Student Visa, it is important that you complete all of the online application. After a student is accepted, we will send the wiring instructions for the School Fee and the Student Activity Fee. When the funds are received, we prepare an I-20. The I-20 and other documents are sent to the student in order that the family may apply for a Student Visa at the USA Embassy in your country.

For helpful information about studying in the U.S., click here to visit a web page sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.