Contribute - Ways you can help

OBI is a faith ministry. The largest portion of our funds, about 61 percent, comes to us from individuals, churches, Sunday School classes, and other groups. Monetary donations are the financial backbone of our school.

Student room and board fees make up only 30 percent of OBI's income. The fees charged to students are based on family income, and virtually every Oneida student receives some form of tuition reduction. No young person is ever turned away from OBI because of a legitimate inability to pay.2012piechart

The remaining 9 percent of our funding comes from the Kentucky Baptist Convention Cooperative Program.

Oneida is also blessed to receive support in the form of donated goods and volunteer labor by friends from across the United States. This type of support and our steadfast commitment to Godly stewardship of our resources significantly enhances our budget.

 If you would like to contribute financially to the Oneida ministry, you can click this link:

Prayer is another important way faithful friends contribute to the OBI ministry.


 Tyson Food's Project A+

Oneida Baptist Institute participates in programs offered by Campbell's, Tyson, and General Mills. Labels and box tops can be redeemed for supplies needed by our school.  We appreciate your participation in this endeavor.

When you purchase certain products made by these companies, you can clip parts of the box, bag or label and send them to us. To give you an idea of how these help us, we receive 24 cents for every Tyson label and 10 cents for each General Mills box top. The rules vary on what each company wants clipped, and they will only accept what their rules stipulate. For more information, please look at their resources.

Tyson's Project A+

General Mills' Box Tops For Education

We also participate in Office Depot's "Back to Schools" program. For more information and for a printable flier about all of the programs in which we participate, click here.

Financial Contributions

We accept financial contributions to help defer our operating expenses and provide more scholarship opportunity to low-income students.  You may also wish to make a contribution that would help students who need clothes or athletic uniforms. We do not accept designated donations for any specific child, but if you wish to give so that the students in need will be supplied with clothing or athletic uniforms, we will use those funds for that purpose. You may send financial donations to the attention of the Business Office.

Non-Financial Contributions

Arrangements for non-financial donations may be made by contacting our Donations Team at 606-847-4111 ext. 248. We also accept donations of school materials and hygiene products. Here is a list of items we would welcome.

School Materials

book covers
calculators (scientific)
construction paper (any size and color)
dry erase markers (bold colors)
rubber erasers
erasers for chalk boards
erasers for dry erase boards
folder with fasteners & pockets
glue sticks
super glue
colored markers
permanent markers (any color)
masking tape
loose leaf paper
1-subject notebooks
notebook dividers
packing tape
paper for copier or printer
pens and pencils
pencil boxes
play dough
posterboard (any color)
scissors, adult size
sheet protectors (plastic sleeves)
tape dispenser
transparent tape
white out (correction fluid or tape)

Personal Hygiene Products

baby wipes
feminine hygiene products


12-foot Christmas tree (OBI chapel)
Christmas lights (small bulbs, clear strings and multi-colored)
ornament hangers

For OBI Drama program:
Late 1800's Ladies' Costumes (dresses, skirts) for an upcoming production - deadline: June 2017

extra firm hold hair spray/hair gel
• white hair spray
• makeup including:
• fair/ivory foundation & loose face powder
• wedge sponges
• blush
• large face powder brushes
• black/brown eye liner
• mascara
• lipstick