Campus Life

 Oneida accepts students in grades 6-12. To accomplish our mission, we minister to our students in four major areas: academics, work, co-curriculars and worship. 


OBI strives to meet the academic needs of students at all levels. Whether they need help with basic skills in our Tutoring Lab or want the challenge of Advanced Placement classes to prepare for college, OBI helps each student on his or her own journey to graduation.




Students at OBI have required daily chores and a daily job. There are many cleaning and grounds-keeping jobs plus the farm and the campus grill. Regardless of what activity they choose, teens have the chance to learn to be on time, follow instructions and take pride in a job well done. (For more information on Work, click here.)























Some after school cocurriculars (sports, drama, pep band), meet the student's daily job requirement. We also offer a wide range of elective and vocational classes. Many students discover a hidden talent once they have the opportunity to try new things. (for more information on Cocurriculars, click here)











Students at OBI attend a 25-minute daily chapel service each school day. Dormitory students attend chapel services twice on Sundays. There are also optional campus Christian groups for students to join including: Baptist Campus Ministry, the girls' dorm devotion group, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Creative Ministries and a Sunday morning Bible study group.