The Process

The Process - Overview (U.S. STUDENTS)

Oneida believes in accepting a student whenever he or she needs the ministry we provide. Therefore, we enroll young people throughout the year. The primary exception to this open timetable is the three-week period before a required break. Students should be physically and emotionally able to be away from home.

We charge a $50 non-refundable processing fee per U.S. application. Because we want our students and their families to know as much as possible about Oneida before enrolling, we have a detailed orientation process. Our admissions personnel conduct telephone interviews as an initial step. The prospective student and his/her family then tour the campus - always by appointment. To begin the process and/or request more information, fill out some information about the student here and someone from admissions will contact you.

Step One

Admissions is a process that begins with a phone conversation with the parent/guardian of the potential student. If we determine at this point that our school is not a good fit, no further steps will be taken. If we decide to go forward, the online application is completed by the parent/guardian. Supplemental information is requested that may consist of financial information, counseling records and/or psychiatric evaluations, court records, grades and school discipline records. A detailed telephone interview with the parent/guardian is also part of the application process. All information is used to determine whether or not OBI is appropriate for your student.

Every student is a unique person with unique needs that are carefully and prayerfully considered. The ministry of our admissions counselors is to be sure that every student who enrolls is a student we can help.

Step Two

When the application process is completed and approved, orientation is scheduled. This visit will  include an extensive orientation for the student and family, a campus tour, and interviews with the student alone and with the family. Students must consent to be students at OBI during a private interview without their family present in order to enroll. Often, the student will stay at OBI and immediately enroll. Sometimes there is a short period of further consideration before the student is invited to stay.

On-Campus Orientation

  1. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and prospective students must attend orientation to enroll.
  2. Siblings as well as other family members are welcome to attend.
  3. This information is vital to the success of each student, and helps the rest of the family learn about our school. 

Be honest and candid » During the interview process, we are making many important judgments and evaluations. Please help us to understand your situation and your child's needs. Some questions may be about situations where families and students disagree, and we want to hear all points of view.

Interview of student » During the orientation day, there is an interview of the student without any family present. During this solo interview, the student is asked if he/she agrees to enroll. If the student absolutely refuses to enroll, we will not enroll him/her. This does not mean we do not enroll students with serious reservations! But absolute refusal is a problem that we feel must be worked out by the family.

Acceptance or non-acceptance » Occasionally, the student/family interview alone will result in a student not being enrolled. This is rare, but does happen, and you should understand that this usually occurs when an interview with a student reveals a much different person than we were considering in the applications process.

The family has to know why they are choosing a boarding school; and the student needs to be committed to reachable, realistic goals that are worth the effort. Admissions is the process of bringing school, family and student together to agree on what we all want to achieve.

For more information, you may find the email and telephone number for our U.S. and international admissions offices on our Contacts page. To begin the admissions process for a potential student, fill out this form and someone from admissions will contact you.

Helpful Tips

Tell the truth » During the admissions process, we ask for many different kinds of information. Please be candid, honest and forthright with us. If we discover that important information has not been provided, particularly information about the appropriateness of the student for OBI, it decreases the chances of the child being admitted. Also, please do not minimize or distort your child's situation.

Secure all records/information » It is the responsibility of the family to request all school records and other information needed as determined during the telephone interview.

Keep us informed of changes or problems » We understand that the process of getting information together may take more time than you would wish. If you are having problems securing information, please keep us informed. Also, please tell us of any important changes in the life or situation of your student that may affect his or her admission.

Be Patient » The process takes time. We want your student to be enrolled at the time that is best for the student and for us. Sometimes parents want students enrolled sooner than we can enroll them. Be patient and we will work on admissions as quickly as is prudent and possible.