Internet Instructions

Oneida Baptist institute provides internet access to teaching and support staff, students, volunteers and visitors. All internet activity, including app usage, is filtered and monitored. Abuse of internet access privileges may result in loss of privileges, and other consequences as determined by the Administration.

Wireless and wired internet access at OBI requires signing in with a school-issued user id and password. All students and staff have been issued these credentials. Volunteers and visitors can request internet access credentials from the Main Office.

If you are using your own wireless device (not a school-owned device), you need to install a certificate. This is a one-time process. This certificate only works within the OBI network. Your device will not be filtered and monitored when you are connected to a network outside of OBI.

Security Certificate Installation Instructions

Android Devices (phones and tablets) - please note - you must have a screen pattern lock or password on your device to be able to do this.

Download the certificate from here. Open with defaults.

At the Name the certificate screen give the certificate a name (whatever you like) and press the OK button. Detailed Instructions.

iOS Devices (iPad/iPhone)

Download the certificate here with Safari.

Click on the downloaded file and press the Install button.

You will be prompted with a warning message that says, "Installing this profile will change settings on your iPad." Press the Install Now button.

Mac (OSX)

You need admin rights on your device to do this. Download the installer from here.

Open up the archive and run the installer. You will get a window with text that includes a warning about using this command. You will be asked to enter your password. Type the characters and press Enter - they will not show up on the screen. A completion message will appear. Close the window.

Windows PC

You need admin rights on your device to do this. Download the installer here, and run the installer.

Firefox browser (Windows, OSX, Linux)

Firefox users need to manually install the certificate into the browser. Download the file here. Open the menu (3 lines, top right) Click on the gear (Settings - Windows, Preferences - Mac). Select Privacy & Security, scroll down to Certificates. Select View Certificates, select Import. Navigate to the file you downloaded. Click all 3 permission check boxes, Select OK, then make sure that you select OK in the Certificate Manager window.

Chromebooks (Not managed by OBI)

Instructions can be found here, but download the file from here.

Windows Mobile, Kindle, gaming consoles and video streaming devices are currently not supported, will not connect successfully, and therefore are not allowed in the OBI network.