OBI is a faith ministry, and we do our best to make the most of every dollar. The largest portion of our funds, about 61 percent, comes to us primarily from churches and individuals. Student room and board fees make up only 30 percent of OBI's income. The fees charged to students are based on family income and virtually every Oneida student receives some sort of tuition reduction. No young person is ever turned away from OBI because of a legitimate inability to pay.

The remaining nine percent of our funding comes from the Kentucky Baptist Convention Cooperative Program.







If you would like to contribute directly to the Oneida ministry, you can click this link:

Click here to read about our new boys' dormitory and classroom building, Carnahan-Daugherty Hall, which is nearing completion, and how you can partner with us to complete HUANG HALL, a new dormitory for girls which will also house classrooms.

Oneida is also blessed to have donations of goods and services. Hundreds of volunteers visit every year and donate their labor for campus maintenance and projects. Our full-time faculty and staff are qualified professionals who are willing to serve in this ministry for a fraction of the salary they would receive elsewhere. Our volunteers (photo of a group from Illinois below), donors, faculty and staff are the financial backbone of this ministry. It is the faithfulness of these believers that allows us to shine as a beacon of hope to hundreds of teenagers and their families each year.